Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Successful 1st Presentation to Arts Commission

Last night we presented our proposal to the city’s arts commission. It was a great meeting, where we were able to share our vision and hopes for our intersection mural project. The arts commission is a group of respected local artists entrusted with helping to bring quality art into the public arena. This group is a great resource for our city, and offered excellent suggestions to improve our project. Their primary suggestion to us was to involve a muralist to help bring our community approved design to scale on the pavement. Between now and our final presentation to the arts commission (in early October), we will be working with this muralist in how to successfully move the awesome design (by Willow) onto the street, where we as a neighborhood can paint together. All in all, we are excited to partner with the city in continuing to achieve our goal of bring neighbors together around cool stuff. Viva comunidad!

1 comment:

  1. May the Happy Valley community mural be an inspiration to other communities in Bellingham! Long live the community spirit!